Rafting - Upper Urubamba River (1D)

Meeting at the Main Square at 9:00am, we’ll board a private vehicle, and after a one–and-one-half-hour ride, we’ll arrive at the Cusipata section of the Upper Urubamba River. There, we’ll settle at a private campground with bathrooms, hot-water showers, sauna and a warm water pool to enjoy.

Our guides will brief you on safety information and provide you the adequate gear (lifejacket, helmet, full neoprene wetsuit and paddle).

We’ll spend two and one half hours on different sections of the river, running level II and III rapids.

At the end of our excursion, we’ll land at a small beach on the river bank in the Quiquijana area where our bus will be waiting to take us back to Cusipata. There, we’ll take advantage of the campground’s facilities and share a hot lunch. After lunch, we’ll return to Cusco, arriving around 5:00pm.

For people who want the rush of adrenaline and wish to challenge themselves with faster rafting and stronger rapids, we’ll gladly take you along the Chuquicahuana-Cusipata section. The quality of service and equipment will be the same, but with level III and IV rapids.

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